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[NEWS] Characteristic Brands of Chinese Construction Industry
The "2017 New Mode of Material purchasing and Supply for China's construction industry chain" and "Brand Building" summit forum jointly held by Centennial Architecture Network and Certification Center of China Construction Association was held in Shanghai on December 16, and the 2016 "Centennial Art
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[NEWS] Changjiang·Zheshang Alumni Association
On November 6, 2017, when the morning sunshine is aspersed to the north shore of hangzhou bay, haining jianshan district and revealed outline "the Yangtze river, zheshang" homecoming Chen jh, President of a line to visit thestrals rui group, zhejiang letter heavy industry science and technology co.,
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[NEWS] Zhejiang Trip of African Envoys to China
Recently, the theme of "travel", plague to the fierceness of zhejiang, the part of the diplomatic envoys of African countries line communication meeting held in hangzhou, zhejiang province, a total of 21 of 24 countries and the African union's ambassador to China (agent), deputy ambassador, 13 embas
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[NEWS] Welcome to The 17th China Engineering Technology Expo
True to max, trust us ! The 17th China Engineering Technology Expo was opened at SXM Conversion Center in Manila date: July24-27,2019As a leading concrete machinery manufacturer, TRUEMAX was honored to be invited to participate in the CET.
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TRUEMAX as a company commits to build a Chinese brand internationally with high reputation was honored to be invited to the 8th Uzbekistan Exhibition “IEMCA 2019” which was from Sept 11th to 13th.TRUEMAX delicates to build a better living environment and actively follows the “Belt and Road”. In all
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Hangzhou Truemax Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd, established in 2003, is an integrated supplier of machinery engineering, manufacturing, trading, parts and after-sales services for international projects.

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