What preparations should be done after the pump truck? How to save money on concrete pump maintenance?

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What preparations should be done after the pump truck? How to save money on concrete pump maintenance?

What preparations should be done after the pump truck?

Fill the pump truck with water first,and then start watering with mortar with a similar proportion to moisten the pipes.The amount of mortar used varies according to the length of the pump tubing.Within the range of 0.5m3~2m3,the worst thing is not to put the water into the column wall formwork,because it will cause concrete defects if it cannot be quickly discharged,and the mortar should not be placed in the same part.The worst thing is to pour a little on the column wall behind it,the theoretical thickness is larger at 50mm,and the rest should be used for other purposes.Wet the pipes and formwork with water for the first time,and lubricate with the same grade of stone-removing mortar as the coagulator for the second time.First lubricate with water,and then wet the pump tube with the same type of cement mortar or pumping lubricant once,and then the concrete can be pumped.


How to save money on concrete pump maintenance?

Dental ingredients and some scratch wax components.Small concrete pump truck accidentally scratched 4s shop repair is very expensive it is easy to leave chromatic aberration to deal with it with dental care.First,wash the scratches with clean water,and then dip a clean cloth or towel--click on the scratches and push repeatedly and gently wipe until the nick disappears or reduce the use of a damp towel to dry.In fact,it is the tooth growth ingredient that uses abrasives to make it look like new without harming the human body

Not even paint.

On the car,some owners will put something inside the windshield with various signs,it is easy,but it is not easy to remove the residual glue mark.We can glue the surface wind(the more the better),after a while,you can wipe it with a dry cloth,the sticker will fall off without a trace.


Leather seats are afraid of difficulties,and more afraid of the corrosion of chemical cleaning agents.Small concrete pump truck beauty salon to do cleaning,multi-use foam cleaner,after the leather has dried and hardened and a small crack.Damaged after a long time,use corrosive small transparent soap,not only good decontamination,dry skin soft and shiny.Soak with a clean soft towel in warm water,put the towel,an appropriate amount of soap,and then gently wipe the seat(folding can be wiped repeatedly).Air-dry with a clean,non-soap-soap-damp towel wipe twice.Soap(Soap)has strong decontamination and does not irritate the skin and is more practical.Well worth it-try it and the price is very high!

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