What are the concrete spreaders? What are the benefits of using a concrete placing machine to hit concrete?

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A heavy construction site is equipped with only one crane,and it plays a very important role in the construction process.Whether it is the outer frame,steel,wood and other works,it is inseparable from the tower crane.If it is in concrete The pouring operation will affect the construction progress of other projects.With the increase of the floor,the specific processing time will be prolonged,and the impact on other work will be more prominent.Since the concrete placing machine is to stop the construction progress,it has become a construction company to reduce part of the concrete+operation:advantages and disadvantages received before the three methods,proposed full hydraulic.


The concrete placing machine is the terminal equipment for pumping concrete,and its function is to send the concrete pressed by the pump to the formwork of the component to be poured through the pipeline.A composite motion consisting of a two-part turret can cover all cloth points within the cloth radius.

1.What are the concrete spreaders?

The concrete placing machine is the terminal equipment for pumping concrete,and its function is to send the concrete pumped by the pump to the formwork of the component to be poured through the pipeline.

According to the different pouring environment and individual requirements of concrete construction,various models such as inner climbing type,walking type,ship-mounted type,manual type and so on have been designed for users,forming HG series concrete placing machines with complete specifications.

2.What are the benefits of concrete placing machine for hitting concrete?

1.Concrete placing machine saves three to five laborers;

2.The concrete placing machine can save the tower crane,and there is no tower crane material during construction;

3.Improve the construction efficiency by 2 times;

4.The concrete placing machine can replace the construction area that the tower hanging pipe cannot reach;

5.Safe construction,concrete cloth machine cloth is safer than pipe hanger construction cloth;Xinrui heavy industry concrete cloth machine can meet the construction requirements.


As an auxiliary equipment of concrete conveying pump,the concrete distribution machine is connected by a standard conveying pipe,just like a manipulator can quickly and accurately convey to any pouring part of the operation surface and continuously pour it,which better solves the distribution problem of concrete conveying,greatly reducing the labor intensity and improving the construction progress and quality.The manual cloth machine is different from the new type of cloth machine and electric cloth machine.

Features are convenient.

     cloth machine - generally adopts channel steel or round tube structure. arm. Standard bearings. Wear-resistant delivery pipes. The addition of large counterweight boxes, etc., improves the stability and possibility of the equipment. Easy to rotate 360°reversely and completely rotate, just pull the rope to adjust the cloth radius and change the cloth direction, it is one of the ideal equipment for engineering construction.

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