What are the components of the concrete pump truck

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What are the components of the concrete pump truck

What are the components of the concrete pump truck


In addition to driving the pump truck,the engine(power)of the concrete pump truck also uses the power of the car engine to drive various working devices during the operation,making full use of the power of the car..Super-large boom(such as semi-trailer train pump truck)requires a large driving power,and the car engine cannot meet it,so an additional engine is provided to drive the special working device.

The pumping device is a piston concrete pump,which uses a hydraulic cylinder to drive the piston of the concrete cylinder to reciprocate,and cooperates with the hopper and the distribution valve to complete the suction and discharge of concrete to achieve the purpose of conveying.

The distributing device is a boom type,which can transport and pour concrete in a certain range of vertical and horizontal directions,which can reduce auxiliary personnel,reduce labor intensity,improve construction efficiency,and make concrete pouring uniform,flat and dense,and improve the quality of concrete pouring.

Structurally speaking,this concrete pump is installed with a screw rod in a cylindrical shell,and the concrete at the bottom of the trough is propelled by the rotation of the screw rod into the cylinder pump shell,and its working situation is like We use a small meat grinder at home,adding ingredients and coming out at the same time.The difference is that the front end of the concrete pump has no cutter and orifice plate.Due to the special working conditions of the concrete pump,its working object is the stone mixed with cement,so the cylinder and screw of the pump body must be made of high hardness and high wear-resistant materials.


Besides,the components of the concrete pump truck are composed of the following four parts:

1.On-board pump body and chassis hopper.

2.For the elbow-type folded pipeline for conveying cement,the number of folded sections is determined by the conveying height.

3 The power part of the pump truck has two branches.One is the part that provides the operation of the concrete pump.If a motor is used,it is about 40 to 60 kilowatts or more.The second is that the part of the hydraulic system that needs to support the folded conveying pipe consumes less energy.Part 4.Operating system and auxiliary equipment of pump truck.

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