The use process of cone crusher

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The use process of cone crusher

Matters needing attention in the use of cone crusher

Generally speaking, the following problems should be paid attention to during the use of cone crusher to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

1. It is necessary to produce at full capacity, otherwise the product granularity will be too coarse;

2. The feeding material should not be too wet or too sticky, and the fine particles should not be too much, nor too large, otherwise it will cause boring cars;

3. There must be an iron removal device to prevent the crushing chamber from passing iron. If the iron is passed frequently, it will easily lead to a broken shaft accident;


4. The crushing ratio distribution in the production line should be reasonable, so as to maximize the efficiency of the crusher;

5. The lubricating oil temperature cannot be too high or too low, otherwise it will affect the operation of the machine;

6. The spring pressure should not be too tight. If the pressure is too high, the shaft breaking accident will occur. If the pressure is too small, the spring will jump frequently, which will affect the normal operation of the cone crusher, and the particle size of the product will become coarser;

7. The lubricating oil should be replaced frequently, and it should not be too dirty. If it is too dirty, it will accelerate the wear of gears, bowl-shaped bushes, bushings, etc., and even cause the bushings to grind to death;

8. The installation of the drive belt should not be too tight, otherwise it will cause the drive shaft to rotate inflexibly or break; it should not be too loose, otherwise it will cause the cone crusher to be stuffy;

9. The feeding of the cone crusher should be uniform during operation and should not be segregated. If the feeding is uneven, the production capacity will be reduced, the product particle size will be too large, the spring action will be frequent, the pressure of the bowl bearing will be large, and the power consumption will increase;

10. The ore accumulation at the discharge port of the cone crusher will also cause boring cars, so it is often cleaned manually

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