How to improve the working efficiency of jaw crusher

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How to improve the working efficiency of jaw crusher

The processing capacity of the jaw crusher cannot reach its theoretical standard processing capacity in actual operation. This kind of difference in work efficiency is very common. So what should we do when the jaw work efficiency is low? There are the following methods to improve the efficiency of jaw crusher:


1. The influence of materials:

The jaw crusher is more suitable for crushing materials with lower hardness. The crushing principle of the jaw crusher is relatively simple and rough. The harder the material, the greater the impact on the efficiency of the machine, and the loss of the machine itself is also great. For crushing hard materials, a gyratory crusher is recommended.

2. The influence of the model:

The variety and complexity of the material itself determines the variety of machine models. How to choose the most suitable model is particularly important. Don’t use “small horse-drawn carts”. The cost you save in this way will bring greater losses. , the non-compliant model will not only affect the work efficiency, but also seriously accelerate the life loss of the machine itself.

3. The influence of feeding method:

It is generally believed that the size of the feeding port of the jaw crusher is the maximum size of the feeding material. This is wrong. The maximum size of the feeding material must be controlled below 9/10 of the feeding size. It is not recommended to use this limit for actual feeding. The value should be controlled to be smaller. If the feed size is too large, it is easy to cause blockage, and every blockage must be stopped to clear the blockage, which is a common problem affecting efficiency.

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