How much is the concrete mixing station investment?

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This is not very good. In general, it is recommended that a set of goods concrete mixing stops is about to invest 100,000 to 2 million. Specifically, how much is the size of this commercial concrete mixing station, and the scale needs to be investive. There will be more you will. If you are ready to invest in a medium-sized mixing station, it may take up to 500,000 to 800,000, but if you need a large mixing station, it will increase.


The investment takes about 5 million. High profit.

Take 60 mixing station as an example, according to 55 square per hour, run 8 hours a day, 300 days of operation, one year production is 55 * 8 = 440 square, one year is output 440 * 300 = 132000, each side Concrete calculation 200 yuan (this price is only calculated, subject to local price), 132000 * 200 = 26400,000 yuan.

Take a material in place. The main material of reinforced concrete is smaller than sand, stone, cement and steel bars. Good durability. In the reinforced concrete structure, the steel bar is wrapped in concrete without rust, even in the corrosive medium conditions, special processes can be made into corrosion resistant concrete, thereby ensuring the durability of the structure.

Remove raw material cost, mixing station price, worker salary, etc., according to 30% profit, 30% * 26400000 = 792,000 yuan, that is, a year can profit nearly 800,000.

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