How much is a concrete mixer truck?

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How much is a concrete mixer truck?

The price of concrete mixer trucks is priced by the number of squares.Generally,the square number of concrete has the smallest three squares,medium 8 squares,ten squares,and high-level squares ranging from 12 squares to 14 squares.How much is a concrete mixer truck?Generally,the price is around 250,000 to 350,000.


Truemax mixer trucks are of reliable quality and worry-free after sales!

We always use the chassis of regular manufacturers,and the tops can be manufactured according to the requirements of customers!

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Small mixer truck refers to small-volume concrete mixer truck:2,3,4,5,6,7 and other single-bridge cement mixer trucks,which can be selected according to different chassis

Different models can be selected according to the customer's own needs and local road conditions to achieve practical,economical,environmental protection and money-saving purposes.

There are two kinds of operation and continuous operation.

The three processes of feeding,stirring and unloading are carried out at certain time intervals,that is,stirring by portions.

Due to the accurate weighing of various stirring materials,the stirring quality is good.This method of operation is mostly used.

The above-mentioned three continuous operation processes are carried out continuously in longer cylinders.Although its productivity is higher than that of circulating operation,due to the mixing ratio of various materials,it is difficult to control the stirring time,so the stirring quality is poor.Use less.

Small mixing is mainly suitable for rural construction,rural road construction,tunnel construction,small mixing station and other places where there is less demand for concrete and roads are closer;large mixing.

The mixer cannot reach the construction site,road conditions and other places;the small mixer produced by the company is a small mixer manufacturer in central China,and all small mixers can be selected.

Choose domestic hydraulic parts and imported hydraulic parts.The mixers we produce are exquisite in workmanship,sturdy and durable,and economical.They are the best choice for new and old customers to buy small mixers.

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