About the concrete placing machine

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About the concrete placing machine

Many technologies are not very familiar with our concrete spreader,so what is the principle of the spreader?Let's find out together!

cloth machine

1.The silo is equipped with a wear-resistant non-stick lining plate to reduce the adhesion of the material and reduce the arching of the material.

2.The attached vibration motor adopts a special installation structure,which can make the entire surface of the hopper vibrate evenly,and the effect of breaking the arch and cutting the material is better.

3.The four-port spiral high-precision quantitative cloth is used,and the cloth quantity error is less than 2%.According to the on-site process,the walking and cloth speed can be adjusted steplessly and flexibly.

4.The edge of the cloth screw blade is inlaid with welded alloy wear-resistant blocks to ensure that the screw shaft can operate normally for 10 months,and the screw shaft is designed to be easy to disassemble.

5.The opening and closing of the hopper door of the distributing machine is equipped with an accumulator,which can be opened and closed quickly to carry out accurate distribution,prevent the remaining material from falling,and the pneumatic closing is not strict.

6.The distributing machine is equipped with an anti-collision safety device to ensure the personal safety of the operator and the safety of the equipment when the distributing machine is moving.

7.In order to clean the distributing machine,the screw conveying part at the bottom is designed to open and close three parts,and the residual sand and gravel can be easily discharged by hydraulic opening and closing,and the material can be discharged urgently.

8.A cleaning hopper is arranged under the distributing machine,which can collect the sewage and gravel for cleaning the distributing machine and protect the cleanliness of the workshop.

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